Being picky withwho you surround yourself with is key to your success.

I remember in highschool, I sat with a group of girls in English class who hated the subject and the teacher. They were always negative, thus got bad grades in the class. I was not friends with these girls, but by simply sitting with them my grade was a C at best. Their opinions and energy negatively rubbed off onto me, even though I liked the class.

One day, I decided to move seats next to another girl, who loved English class and was very positive/cheerful. My grade started to improve from a C to a B+ by the end of the semester. By surrounding myself with a good and positive person, my outlook changed and so did my grade.  

This is why you should be picky with who you surround yourself with. Whether it is at work, school or extracurriculars. Finding an ambitious and kind co-worker, friend or mentor can benefit you greatly. 


Your environment

First, look at your environment and recognize who you come in contact with most throughout the week. 

Do you sit next to or eat lunch with the co-worker that always complains?

 Introduce yourself to other co-workers or grab lunch at a different time than those negative co-workers. 

Do you have a friend who only gossips when you hangout?

 Make yourself less available. It’s okay to ignore that facetime/call or hangout with them less. Protecting your peace is more important than hearing about drama that doesn’t benefit you. 

Do you have peers that barely pass their classes? 

Find a new study group or a tutor. Finding classmate(s), who take their academics seriously will improve your grade and motivate you to perform well. 

How do I find good people? 

You can find people who have similar interests or mindset through social media or events. 

  • Go to conferences/seminars
  • Join clubs
  • Join Facebook groups
  • Go to workshops
  • Reach out to people who inspire you via instagram,fb, email, phone call.