What does nice really mean? Nice is defined as: pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory, fine or subtle. Kind is: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Which do you prefer being referenced to? 

I want to be able to speak my own mind and opinions regarding any issue or conversation and speak it with kindness rather than trying to please others by being nice. In my mind nice = mid. Middle of the road, no real opinions, and just going with the flow of things to please others and make sure no toes are stepped on. 

No thanks, I’m all set. As Shannon, Daniel, and Patrick discuss in a recent podcast clip, titled, “You Have the Power Within You,” about this when she says if we all thought the same way, had the same view points, and you can make me question my viewpoints etc is the road to accepting mediocrity. That is being nice and not honest with yourself and others can lead to. 

So stop being nice and joining the path to being average. This isn’t saying now you get permission to start being mean to everyone and not be accepting. No – this means that you should express your thoughts and feelings via a kind delivery instead of agreeing just to not ruffle anyone’s feathers. New ideas and ways of thinking don’t come from staying in a comfortable space. Being uncomfortable creates new ways of thinking that can benefit yourself & others.