While I sat and listened to episode 8 of Doing The Most Podcast hosted by Shannon Fairweather, something she said towards the end stuck out to me. 

Let’s focus on making our lives better instead of making other people’s lives worse.” –Shannon Fairweather

The quote above made me realize so many people take the time out of their day to judge someone else, make a negative comment on a social media post, or talk behind someone’s back. The question that immediately comes to my mind is WHY? Putting your energy into tearing someone else down, whether they know you are hating on them or not, is damaging to yourself and your own mental health. If you put half the energy you put into judging someone else into yourself, then you would get very far. 

Put Energy Into Yourself 

Let’s talk about some ways to focus your energy into bettering yourself. Because once everyone realizes the only person they should be focusing on is themself and their success rate the world is going to be a much better place. 

  1. Prioritizing your mental health; When you are taking the time out of your day to put effort into becoming the best version of you, you start to notice changes. For myself personally, once I started writing down things I am grateful for in the mornings I noticed myself becoming more fulfilled with my current life. We get so caught up in the rush to get to our final destination we get lost on the way there. 
  2. Prioritizing your physical health; Putting on a workout outfit you feel good in and getting a good sweat in does not only make you happy but feel motivated as well. Sometimes we lack motivation and are envious of what we see others doing with their time. Once you take the first steps of getting moving you will feel yourself regaining your motivation back.
  3. Making a plan; Your life has a purpose and meaning. Doing some soul searching and planning out what will make you feel happy is crucial to having a substantial life. If singing is your passion then get on a stage and sing your heart out, if you want to own a giant marketing firm because you are a girl boss (or guy boss) then DO IT. Chasing after your dreams is not just some corny statement, it is the truth. Nothing happens for you when you are sitting around hoping and wishing it will happen. 


Listening to Shannon’s podcast has made me think in ways I never have before. I highly recommend Doing The Most to any go getting personalities who are ready to chase your goals. 


Tune into all things Doing the Most: https://linktr.ee/doingthemostpodcast