The new moon is the period of time at the beginning of a new lunar cycle. When there is a new moon, the cause of its “invisibility” is due to the sun and moon being in direct alignment on the same side of the earth. So basically the sun is hiding behind the moon, and we are unable to see any reflection of it’s light onto the moon. This causes the energetic level of the moon to be very low. When we understand nature, the planets and stars, and rhythms of life, we understand the energy around us, and how they “rule”, or deeply influence, our lives. The new moon will influence us all in different and similar ways; depending on where we are at, what we are meant for, and what we are working towards on our personal journey. 


Right now is a really good time to be a little slower moving, resting/napping and catching up on sleep. Things may come up that will show the importance of taking deeper care of ourselves; have that be physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. Spending time going inside of ourselves, and reflecting is a key element to having a successful new moon cycle. The new moon is a time for new beginnings, and planting seeds for new life. It’s a fresh, and fertile start to work towards what we truly want. It’s a perfect time to focus our energy towards aligning our life to match whatever that may be. 


Aligning is a simple —sometimes easy, sometimes not— multi-step process. The best way to align is to think forward, and visualize what you want for yourself. Sitting with that version of yourself, explore the feelings you have, and bring them into the present moment. Then take a step back, to evaluate how you can reach those goals; reflect on your behaviors now, and see if they are synergetic. More often than not, they won’t be fully, which emphasizes the importance in the act of self-reflection in attaining your desires. Essentially the only way to get what you want is to build & maintain a self awareness, and understanding of self. Achieving goals is a calculated process, and plenty of people do it. Some may call this manifesting, some may call it something else. It doesn’t matter what you call it – all that matters is how you do it. It is very possible to attain and achieve anything that you desire, there is just a certain way of doing things. During times of alignment, depending on your awareness with the situation at hand, it can be a smooth sailing process, or an extremely messy and deeply emotionally triggering one. I have definitely experienced both at many different times of my healing journey.  


Let’s talk about the messy stuff, because let’s face it, more of us have that, than smooth sailing emotions. Emotional intelligence is a goal to work towards, not something we typically have automatically. We can learn a lot from observation, because what is happening in our lives, on our “outside” is actually happening exactly within us. Our life is in direct correlation to what we believe about it. The “mirror” is a part of reflection, where certain people or situations trigger us. We become flustered, emotional, and we can take that energy, and make things worse— OR, harness the energy, and use it as an opportunity to run a deeper self discovery assessment. 


We are always able to access a deeper knowledge, and discover deeper projections we have within, we just have to know that we can, and what questions to ask ourselves. 


Reflection is how we learn about our feelings, and ourselves. Why is this? Because the mirror reflects back to us what we believe to be true about the universe/life. It’s not fixed, and it’s something we can take control over by healing. Reflection is the act of looking inside of ourselves, and runs as deep as you allow yourself to go. This is a space where past related traumas/beliefs/feelings are healed. Reflection is a deep space, where we consider all aspects of our life. We can take our outside information and internalize it, process it, and release what no longer serves us. This can be a choice we make ahead of a problem with something or someone; but until we have fully programmed ourselves, this is most likely a choice we have to make when we are deeply triggered from a situation that we are emotionally involved in. 


An important mindset to have during this whole process is that everything is happening FOR us, not TO us. Whatever you go through, you grow through. When you ask god/the universe for strength, you will be given situations that will make you strong; your behavior and attitude becomes resilient. You work for your strength, you earn your strength, and your strength cannot be taken from you. When we look inside of ourselves, we take responsibility for our lives. We are not victims here. We are able to evaluate, and make the changes necessary for an improved lifestyle and overall state of being. 


Our behaviors are caused by our feelings.  These are either leading us towards our goals, or hindering our growth. Every cycle, and every “new” version of your life, requires a new version of you. Determining which improvements to make for our lives will always come down to “what are our daily, weekly, or monthly habits” are. Some of the habits that you have created for yourself, will serve this next chapter, and some will not serve this new cycle in your life. Only you know what’s best for you at this moment. 


Take time for yourself during this new moon cycle. 


Here are some journaling prompts you can use for navigating your self, with this new moon energy:


  1. Who or what is triggering me right now? What does this reveal to me about my inner feelings?


  1. How would I like to feel instead?


  1. What are some seeds I would like to see come to life through the process of this new cycle in my life?


  1. How can I actually achieve this? 


  1. In what ways can I align my life with this greater vision? What is not aligned or needs to change? 


  1. Who or what needs to go temporarily?


  1. What is an action plan I can put into place this week, and follow through with until the fruition of my goals? 


  1. How will I feel when I see my hard work, and dedication paid off?