Hi there friends! Let’s talk about self-love today. I know I’m not the only one who has had those days where I really talk down to myself. But, I promise you, with a little self-loving you can change that! On the Doing the Most Podcast, Shannon Fairweather sits down with former Patriots Cheerleader, Zoe Bucuvalas and dives deep into the topics of self-love, authenticity, and growth. What’s better than that!? 


“Your mindset affects your body image, personal growth & overall well-being.”

During this genuine conversation that Shannon and Zoe are having, they talk about Zoe’s experience being a Patriot’s cheerleader and the effects that period of her life had on her mindset. For example, while prepping for auditions and growing in the industry, she was constantly being looked at in the public eye and judged based on her looks. Ultimately, that type of attention made her do the same to herself; constantly look and judge herself. When in reality, she was never overweight. Zoe even says during the podcast that she looks back on that time of her life and genuinely feels better about herself today than she did back then when she was focusing the most on her looks and weight. Trying to fit the image of what is deemed “attractive” is pushing yourself into a mindset that is already self loathing. You are basically telling yourself that you’re not worthy of feeling good NOW. 


You are subjecting your mindset to tell you, ”I’ll feel good WHEN….” 

and this idea will only hold you back from harnessing your true power that you do have now. Allowing yourself to believe you are worthy of what you truly desire will make you feel so much better about yourself. When you feel confident that you are worthy, you will attract that to yourself simply by having that energy live inside of you. 

One way to change this type of negative thinking is to learn positive affirmations. Shannon explains the practice of self-love through affirmations by literally telling yourself everything you love about yourself. You can focus on physical or mental aspects of yourself, whatever you are having trouble with. A great model for these affirmations are “I love ____ about myself”. Another great manifestation tool to take away from this enriching podcast is to get  into that habit of journaling, or speaking aloud, “I am so happy and grateful now that…” to enhance your manifestations. By doing this, you’re allowing yourself to really believe and feel that you are already worthy of what it is that you desire to have or be.


“Being alone with your thoughts is where the real growth comes.”


Spending time alone and facing the silence that comes with that is a time where you can truly listen to your thoughts and think about what that really means. Meditating and going on walks alone are two amazing instances where you truly have that time all by yourself. During these times you can really allow yourself to be clear-headed and witness all of the little things that pop into your mind, and simply just witness them without judgment. Utilizing those moments and journaling about them afterwards can set you off into your journey of self-discovery.

If you’re ready to finally step into your authentic self, I highly recommend listening to this podcast, you can find it by clicking the link below:

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