“Loving yourself isn’t always easy.”


It takes courage and faith to get out of the negative mindset and find happiness deep inside. Listening to Doing the Most, episode 2, hosted by Shannon Fairweather, I got a lot of insight into what loving yourself means. 


Guest, Rose Conway, talks about her journey to self-love and digging deep into the importance of self-value that began her weight-loss journey.  Rose realized that her mental state started to become physical. “If you are taking crappy care of yourself, it means you don’t value who you are” – Rose Conway. Shannon stated, “it was your soul, manifesting itself.” They talk about how Rose was “tired of not doing what she knew she wanted to do” throughout the podcast. That’s where discipline comes in.


I want you to focus on two particular words: courage and faith. Roses’ journey wasn’t easy, but she had the courage to begin and the faith to continue. Rose realized the power of thought was her biggest fault. She then stood with a purpose of why she started something. When she began to take action, her life changed completely. 


“Having the courage to begin can be tricky.”


Getting yourself out of that dark hole almost seems impossible, but it’s not! First off, do me a favor, and don’t use the word impossible. If you believe in yourself and have faith that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, I promise everything will fall into place. Now, it is easier said than done. But, if you begin to change certain habits: sleep enough, journal, or anything that makes you happy, you will start to see the light in yourself again. 


“Change is another significant step in this process.” 

If you continue to go through life with the same habits, the same amount of junk food, a certain amount of hours you sleep, and the time you are on social media, where is the change? You will continue to see the negative side of life. However, if you decide to stop and have the discipline to begin a new life, everything will fall into place. 


In this podcast, the lesson being shared is that your mind is more powerful than you think. When you begin to take action and appreciate your flaws, and love who you are, your life automatically becomes better. Accept yourself for who you are because everyone has something unique to bring. Dig deeper into your soul, and change your life. I promise “that every failure brings with it the seed of equivalent success ”- Napoleon Hill. Please do it for yourself and find that happiness that has been there the whole time! 


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