Growing with adversity can be difficult.


Listening to Doing the Most, episode 15, hosted by Shannon Fairweather, I got a lot of insight on how to grow with adversity. 


Guest, Zoe Bucuvales, shares how being a Patriot’s cheerleader affected her body image, how she switched her mindset to manifestation to achieve her goals, and how she has grown since the passing of her Mom Mary.  


Throughout the podcast, Zoe talks about how cheerleading started to cause her to develop body dysmorphia. She felt that being an NFL cheerleader, she needed to look a certain way because that’s what they were told. Being in this state can be hard, but when she realized it was a mental issue, she wanted a change. “I threw my scale away for sixth months and it was very freeing”, says Zoe.  After her mom passed, Zoe took it into her own hands and started a fundraiser for ALS, so other families don’t have to experience what she did.. Zoe made it clear that without her friends, she doesn’t know what she would’ve done. 


The Power of Manifestation


“I am really big into manifesting, and it is real,” says Zoe. At about 17 minutes into the podcast, Shannon and Zoe talk about the power of manifestation. Showing gratitude to the universe and journaling every morning/night is important. Trying your best to be thankful is very beneficial in the long run. 


Different ways to journal 

  1. Start with “I am so happy and grateful now that… 
  2. 3 things you are grateful for
  3. Write down and picture something happening as if it has already happened
  4. Affirmations
    1. I am…

“Being able to connect with something you want and if you are able to envision yourself attaining something that you want or doing something that you want to do and almost feel what that could feel like, it does something to your subconscious mind” says Shannon. I think this is real! We become what we write and what we read/say to ourselves. Loving yourself can attract others or things with the same love.