Analogies are one of the best ways to gain perspective.

It can shift your mindset towards a situation and make you see it in a whole new light. Recently, while enjoying the Doing The Most podcast hosted by Shannon Fairweather she sat down with Sarah Desouza (Miss Massachusetts) and talked about their lives and all things in between. Sarah was talking about how perfect of a question she got asked during the pageant and it wouldn’t have happened if certain events did not occur leading up to it. Shannon’s clever response was an analogy about a farmer. This analogy was “A farmer goes to the market and gets an amazing horse, all of the sudden on the way home that horse attracts another horse, so now there are 2 horses. The neighbor says to the farmer “Oh my gosh you have two horses, how awesome!” The farmer replies with “Good thing, bad thing, who knows.” The next thing ya know the horse kicks his son and the son is injured. The same neighbor says “Oh that stinks, that’s so awful.” The farmer responds with the same statement, “Good thing, bad thing, who knows.” The next day there is a war draft and since the son is injured he doesn’t have to be a part of it. The neighbor says to him “Wow, that’s great, that must be the best thing.” The farmer replies one last time…


 “Good thing, bad thing, who knows.”


The point of this is that although something really bad can happen, a fantastic thing can come out of it. I like this mindset because it goes hand and hand with a glass half full vs a glass half empty. Always looking for the positives in the midst of a dark storm. Life is hard enough already, so let’s all try to make our minds a happy place by reminding ourselves of the farmer analogy. You may be going through something really tough right now and do not see the light at the end, but I promise you the analogy is true. You need those dark moments to lead you to the good you have in store for your future. 

Go listen to Doing The Most on Spotify hosted by Shannon Fairweather. It challenges me in the best ways and constantly has me thinking. I highly recommend it for spiritual, driven, kind, and motivated people. 

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