Hello friends! We all have a passion we think about when we wake up and right before we go to bed. What if I said starting with your passion is not the best idea? 


In this Podcast of Doing the Most, Shannon and Daniel talk about the importance of not following your passion to succeed and starting small. 


Figuring out what your passion has always been tricky… 

If you are someone who starts off following their passion, Shannon and Daniel talk about how you are 100% most likely to fail because you don’t have the income to do so. 


Before you go straight into your passion, starting small is the way to go. You can allow yourself to use your strengths and learn from others. This doesn’t mean your passion needs to go away, but when you can financially support yourself, it will come easier.  “Get that high-income skill that will allow you to pursue the real passions and dreams that you have because I know that you feel like that is your purpose and it’s not something that” – Daniel. 


“Learn about that skill, find someone who needs it and then make it happen”- Shannon