If you had the opportunity to fly to a tropical jungle tomorrow morning would you? 


In this week’s episode Shannon, Daniel and guest Patrick O’Driscoll dive into the mental shift they are experiencing once they changed their scenery to experience Costa Rica. When we live our daily lives they can become routine, mundane, and repetitive. If we have the urge to carve out some extra time to sit in our thoughts or express our creativity the real world closes in easier than we would like to admit. 


What can we do to prevent this cycle? 


An easy answer is to break the cycle by changing a factor of your daily life. Location, habit, routine, action; the factors of our daily life that can be altered. In this case location was changed and this allowed the Doing the Most team to open up and experience their daily life from an unseen perspective. 


The nature that surrounds us can directly correlate to how we feel. When we are able to enter an environment with decreased stress which can look like a tropical vacation spot or a place close to home where you can decompress then you can fully rest your mind. When work mode is “turned off” and obligations seem like they are in the distance then the questions that float in your mind come to the surface. 


This pause from reality can manifest in different forms. What am I doing with my life? How am I actually doing? Questions we can breeze over when we are in the hamster wheel of life. Tune into the rest of the episode to hear how this environment shift has affected them all.