The ex NFL quarterback made some questionable comments that Shannon and Daniel covered in the video below. The premise of Cam’s comments surrounded how a woman can be a boss and provider for herself YET needs to still know how to cater to a man’s needs. See video below:

Let that sink in for a second. Cater to a man’s needs? Followed with a comment of if you are such a boss lady but you don’t know how to cook or know when to be quiet or know how to allow a man to leave. 

This type of thinking is directly putting women into the box we have been breaking out of for decades. It’s like saying, “Yeah she can have the aesthetic of being powerful and a bad ass woman only if she is able to cook, clean, and cater to her man.” Derogatory language like this is a way to make someone feel like they are below you which is a skewed perspective on reality. 

Women are not here for the sole purpose of cooking, catering, and tending to men. This clearly outlines the misogynistic attitude that unfortunately still exists in society today. 

This boxes all women into a want or desire to even be with a man. Newsflash – not everyone is straight or looking to fit this age old standard of catering for a man. What about catering to a woman’s needs? In a relationship it’s give and take; not a one sided take.