Shannon Fairweather talks about how gratitude raises your frequency to the point you attract more good on her podcast Doing The Most . Her episodes are so insightful and always make me feel inspired. 

The Realistic Change

A realistic change I believe we as humans can accomplish by implementing certain routines in our daily life, is being more grateful. I have come to realize in recent years of life that everyone is in such a hurry to reach their final destination. We are all in college in hopes of either getting into graduate school or getting an amazing job right away; But the questions that dawns on me is, why are we not taking a moment to enjoy our time on the way there. We are all moving so fast to our next goal we forget to show gratitude for how far we have come. 

How Gratitude Improves Your Life

Showing gratitude is not some silly thing that would have no other effect on you besides the fact you are now aware you’re grateful, in physiology studies gratitude is linked to a stronger feeling of happiness, better interpersonal relationships with other people, deal with adversity, and improve mental and physical health. If everyone is walking around with a higher level of happiness and self awareness that they are proud of themself for everything they have overcome, the world would be a happier place, or at least a college campus would be. Walking around with a chip on your shoulder because you’re bummed you got a bad grade on an exam will only hurt you, not help you. Instead, be thankful you have the opportunity to even be in school, be thankful you have the chance to redeem your grade by acing the next one.

How To Implement Gratitude

Now I know many people may think “Okay well how do we put out into the universe we are grateful?”. Here are some ways I found that work, based off personal study and Harvard Health Psychology research. You can think back on past memories and be thankful for old blessings, you can journal morning or night a list of 5-10 things you were grateful for that day, you can become aware of the present moment and not take things for granted as they come your way, and lastly be optimistic about the future.


 Gratitude is a way for you to appreciate the now and the past and not dwell on the thought of wishing you had more in hopes it will make you happier. The idea is to be content with life as it is now and be in no rush to get rid of it. I truly think if everyone took time out of their day to become more self aware and grateful that life would be much more peaceful and people would be content with what they have. 

Link to Harvard Health Article I loved